Commercial Solar

EdiSun Commercial Solar shines as a trailblazing force in the solar industry, heralded as a visionary CEC-accredited solar retailer and EPC powerhouse. Our unwavering dedication lies in illuminating the commercial landscape with economically sound and ecologically harmonious power solutions. With unwavering professionalism, we orchestrate a symphony of services encompassing supply, ingenious design, seamless installation, and meticulous maintenance of cutting-edge renewable energy systems throughout the vast expanse of Australia.

Our Capability

EdiSun Commercial Solar excels in the art of designing and installing cutting-edge solar systems tailored to the unique needs of the commercial and industrial sectors. As industry leaders, we specialise in crafting grid-connected marvels that seamlessly integrate with the existing power infrastructure of businesses. Our expertise extends to Stand Alone Power Systems and Remote Area Power Supply Systems, empowering commercial enterprises in even the most remote locations with sustainable energy solutions. We pride ourselves on delivering custom solar designs that align with the requirements of businesses and conform to the highest industry standards, including DNSP regulations, Australian Standards, and CEC design guidelines. With meticulous attention to detail, we orchestrate a symphony of solar innovation, illuminating commercial landscapes with environmentally-friendly power solutions that drive economic viability and energy independence.

Our Mission…

At EdiSun Commercial Solar, our resolute mission is to transform the industrial and commercial landscape through advanced solar solutions. We are driven by an unwavering commitment to foster a positive environmental impact while empowering our clients to seize command of their energy costs amid escalating energy prices. With steadfast devotion, we engineer tailor-made solar systems that seamlessly integrate into businesses, offering sustainable and economical power solutions. Our goal is to enable our industrial and commercial clients to harness the sun’s power to drive their operations and reduce their carbon footprint. Through our innovative and dependable solar solutions, we embolden businesses to flourish in a sustainable future, leaving a lasting legacy of environmental stewardship and financial resilience.